Another closet sale update!

Hey! I just added 24 more dresses and 24 pairs of sunglasses to my closet sale!

I promise I'll be posting something other than closet sale updates here sometime soon lol. As you can probably guess by the fact that I've been selling off 99% of my wardrobe, I've had some financial woes lately so I haven't been doing much (read: any) online shopping. Ergo, no wishlist wednesdays or new dresses to share with you guys. Sad face!

I'm thinking about doing some kind of closet challenge to make me feel better about the few things I have left in my closet. Like a 30 piece/30 day remix? Maybe.

Anyway! You can shop the sale right here. The dresses are still $25 a pop and any order of 2 or more dresses ships free. Sunglasses are all $5 each. Go, go, go! :)

shop my closet sale!

The first batch of shop my closet items are FINALLY ready. The sale will go live tomorrow, August 8th, at 7PM EST at

The sale includes 76 dresses, all priced at $25 each. The sale is US only (sorry International friends!!) and if you buy any 2+ dresses you get free shipping. Almost all of the dresses are US8 or M/L with a handful of exceptions. The store is hosted by Shopify, so you can pay with Paypal, Apple Pay, or credit card. The site is mobile friendly, too, so even if you're on the go at 7PM tomorrow you can still shop the sale!

This sale includes some of my all-time favorite dresses (like this Darling dress) that are SO hard to part with, so I hope they find good homes! xo

flamingo for it

Anyone who knows me would say I'm a pretty big fan of flamingos (I mean, they're pink. Was there even any question??) so when Unique Vintage asked if I'd like to review a dress from their shop, this flamingo-bedecked number immediately caught my eye! I love the print. It reminds me of palm springs wallpaper (does that make sense?) instead of little cartoon flamingos. It's so unique!

The dress itself is great quality. It's fully lined, so anyone who likes to go slip-less can rejoice! I had some issues with the neckline (I'll get to it in a minute) but I LOVE the design. It has an asymmetrical neck with fabric gathered into one of the darts on the bust. It's technically a 40's style dress but I felt very Ginger Rogers-in-the-1930's wearing it. The cut, the fabric, and the print just remind me so much of something she'd wear on vacation on a grand black and white art deco set with a giant white wide-brimmed hat.

I ordered a medium and it was a little tight in the waist, but the bust was a little too big, so I had to safety-pin the neckline to be narrower, and I'll sew it in place as soon as I have time to work on some mending. I'm curvy, but I'm only 5' tall so I usually have to alter things. I'm used to it. The neckline on the dress is a little too wide for my frame, plus the adorable peek-a-boo opening didn't work with any of my bras. *Sadface!* But again, I'm used to that -- I'm a DDD and need full coverage bras, so necklines often cause issues for me. I think it looks really cute the way I pinned it, though, so once I put a few stitches in place I think it'll be perfect!

I'm also flirting with the idea of hemming it. I think this looks so pretty at this length but I'm just so used to above-the-knee hems lol. What do you think? (I don't have comments here but feel free to let me know on IG or FB!)

I was going through my old posts a few weeks ago and laughing at how often I used to talk about my camera/lighting problems. "Oh, Kate," I sighed, "such a newbie." Then I decided that today was a perfect day for outfit photos, despite the cloudy weather, and ended up with grainy, weirdly saturated, strangely sharp yet blurry photos all over again...

I actually have a new flamingo product coming to my shop in the next week or so, so I think I'll just wear it with this dress and do a whole new batch of outfit photos when it arrives! I haven't really added many new items to my shop since, like, March, but I have a GIANT update coming up and I'm so excited about it! Be sure to keep an eye on my instagram for updates! :)

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say my name, say my name

Thank you SO much to everyone who subscribed to my youtube channel last week! I reached the magic *100* and was able to choose a URL, so I officially can say that is mine :D Yay!! Honestly I am shocked that it wasn't already taken. It used to be pretty easy to get my name locked down on websites -- I have it on instagram, twitter, blogspot, the URL, flickr, pinterest, etsy, vimeo, depop, giphy, and shopify -- but lately I've had a difficult time getting it when I start new accounts. I don't know if somebody is just punking me or if there's another Kate Gabrielle out there who's equally frustrated that I've got a monopoly on her username online lol. Either way, I'm just happy youtube worked out!

If all goes according to plan, I'll start doing regular uploads in July. I'm really nervous about doing video, mostly because I seem like such a doofus in real life and my grating New Jersey accent will ruin any possible pretense I've created here that I am in any way dainty, lol.

Also, if you saw my instagram post about my shop my closet sale, I am still 100% having one, it's just taking me longer than normal to photograph/catalog the stuff due to a combination of overcast weather, an overwhelming amount of items for the sale (seriously it has to be like 70% of my dress collection) and a hint of laziness lol. This dress was actually sitting at the top of my sale pile. I'd been having second thoughts about getting rid of it, and today I obviously decided to keep it. With the matching belt it's just so easy to feel put together when I wear it! Don't worry though, there are still like 100+ dresses left ;) I'll let you know when the sale is ready to go live. It'll probably be in my shopify store this time, just for ease of accounting on my end and to make sure that people actually pay for their items. I had a big problem with that on IG (plus I posted so much during the last sale that instagram won't let me post anymore. oops!)

Okay, this is the most rambling post of all time! Ahh!

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in motion

I realized after I got dressed today that I tend to dress in three colors at a time, and that's how I stay coordinated. It's not an intentional sartorial strategy or anything, it just sort of dawned on me as I added pink to my yellow and aqua outfit. Now that I'm aware of it though maybe it'll make those days when I just can't seem to put anything together a little bit easier...

Also, I haven't really added anything to this yet except for a cute Arrietty video, but I started a youtube channel here. I'm planning on doing outfit videos, some DIYs, collection videos, room tours, etc. so if that sounds like it might float your boat you can subscribe here. I know it's a long shot but I hope so much I can get to 100 subscribers since that's the threshold you need to meet before you can have a real channel URL. Right now I'm stuck with UCyoM8GvgWVH60B7UyJqWwRQ, lol!!

ps. The ice cream flower pot on the shelf behind me is a DIY I completed this week! You can see how to make one yourself right here.

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